We find the most meaningful information from a variety of information in the world.

Text Analysis Applications

    DB Life Insurance

    DB Life Insurance
    Call infrastructure improvement business

Application solutions

  • Scenario-based chatbot

Construction contents

  • Establish incomplete sales monitoring

Technology verification

  • The compliance rate is evaluated by comparing the text of the consultation content with the text of the consultation script.
  • QA Minimize incomplete sales by improving QA business processes.

TA 결과 데이터 화면
[ TA result data screen ]

    DB Life Insurance

    Lotte Capital

Application solutions

  • TA

Construction contents

  • Consultation content sentence summary

기Technology verification

  • Providing a summary of the consultation history sentence to about 100 or 200 letters

대우조선해양 챗봇 사용자 적용화면
[ Sentence summary result screen ]

  • LAN = Reply output even when inputted as LAN
  • Q & A, FAQ-based language model design
  • Development of a natural language question / response artificial intelligence model through machine learning