To effectively analyze information.

Chatbot Solution

Chat-bot is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based communications software that provides answers to questions while providing relevant information through text conversations with consumers.

This helpful solution has the power to find relevant services and data needed in a timely manner, improving overall work efficiency while saving time.

In the case of public institutions, this solution can be used for various civil affairs.

Typical Chatbot Architecture
[Typical Chatbot Architecture]

    The chat-bot solution is able to identify questions by providing a scenario-based configuration of each conversation, allowing consumers and artificial intelligence to communicate with one another.

    This can be applied when the question and answer data are clearly structured. Through our scenario editor, this solution is fairly easy to develop.
Scenario Editor(Web-based)

Scenario Editor(Web-based)

Configuration of various Chat-bot services using scenario editor

Configuration of various Chat-bot services using scenario editor

    The knowledge-based chat-bot solution analyzes user intents by providing a set of scenarios and answers.

    This solution extends the user query, applying an algorithm to determine the best answer. Through the addition of context management and cognitive capabilities to user queries, more accurate answers can be provided to users.

Knowledge-based chat-bot solution