To effectively analyze information.

Solugate Chatbot Solution 'Navi'

Solugate's AI-based interactive services, expand the horizon of dialogue through communication between people and machines.
The definition of dialogue is changing.
Conversation is no longer limited to the means of communication between people.
Like a Navi that challenges long-distance flight between continents with light wings, Solugate's 'Navi' aims to complete a futuristic dialogue between humans and machines.


AI-based chatbot solution 'Navi'

Where is 'Navi' heading?

Intelligent Contact Center

We propose a new framework for call counseling centers through an intelligent contact center that incorporates the core technologies of Solugate, such as speech processing, natural language processing, and knowledge processing. To build an intelligent contact center, Solugate develops and provides the following dialogue support solutions.

Speech recognition

You can issue commands and get the information you want with just the voice without using a separate device.

Knowledge-based voiceprint authentication

You can use personalized services, including personal authentication, through a device that remembers your voice.

Text Analysis

It analyzes text data loaded from various systems such as its voice recognition, chatbot, and customer DB to extract meaningful information.


We provide customized chatbots through scenario-based Q & A chatbots and knowledge-based products.

'Navi' is used to analyze the meaning and emotion in the user's speech This is the first step in a conversation support solution to be implemented with technologies such as chatbot, voice recognition, and text analysis.
For a complete conversation, the chatbot 'Navi' will continue to fly