To effectively analyze information.

Real-time Speech Recognition Solution

Latest trend learning system based on
high-quality learning big data integration of voice and text
  • Apply a learning methodology that responds to unknown vocabulary and unstructured input according to data augmentation based on large-scale broadcast data and transcription data
  • Application of deep learning post-processing technology that generates high-quality transcripts based on deep learning pre-learning giant language models
  • Application of normalization technology based on a large language model for number sounds and English vocalization
  • Applying robust transfer learning technology to dialect, outliers, and various background sound effects


    Application of world-class voice recognition technology

  • Application of end-to-end (E2E) technology, the latest trend in speech recognition
  • Securing performance and safety by transferring proven technology developed by ETRI

    Provide real-time streaming voice recognition service

  • Real-time streaming end-to-end voice recognition service available
  • Expression of recognition results within 1 second after vocalization in word units

    Provides a higher voice recognition rate compared to existing technologies

  • Maintaining a recognition rate of about 80% or more before domain learning and providing a high recognition rate of 94% or more after domain learning with Transformer's excellent speech recognition accuracy
  • Recognition rate can be strengthened in a short period of time through prior learning applied with Solugate’s patented reliability engine and automatic learning engine

    Securing effectiveness with light and flexible technology

  • Lightweight by applying Grammar Hybrid engine
  • Can be used offline by installing on a laptop (Window) or tablet (Android)
  • Supports voice recognition in various ways (real-time, batch, 8K, 16K, etc.) for more than 13 languages

Field of application of technology

    Real-time voice conversion system

  • Real-time subtitle service for live broadcasts or conferences
  • Real-time dialogue subtitle service for the hearing impaired
  • Voice recording service in specialized fields such as counseling log and medical record

    Interactive Elderly Care System

  • AI voice recognition based baby care system
  • AI voice recognition based silver care system
  • Interactive helper system for the socially vulnerable

    Conversational AI Assistant

  • AI speaker, smart home, smart car, smart home appliance, etc.
  • AI voice recognition based learning assistance service
  • AI voice recognition based kiosk system

    Intelligent Contact Center

  • AI voice recognition based call center system



  • Server environment establishment, device embedded support


  • Linux, Windows, Android support