To effectively analyze information.

Voice Recognition Solutions (STT / Speech-to-Text)

Our key technology with the ability to listen to the sounds of the world and analyze the meaning of these sounds to provide the most meaningful information.

음성인식 과정

To provide a variety of voice recognition solutions, including keyword,
full-text, real-time and batch
  • - ETRI voice recognition engine applied with Deep Neural Network (DNN) and high-speed noise processing technology
  • - Application of the Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) algorithm to the pre-processing stage
  • - The first in Korea to provide speaker/environmental high-speed, adaptive technology
  • - Voice-interactive, unmanned counselling service through virtual agent interworks

음성인식, 학습 자동화, 신뢰도 추출

The best real-time natural language processing technology and effective operation efficiency in Korea