We carefully listen to the sounds of the world.

Our Brand


Solugate: A compound word comprised of the words "solution (solving the problems in the customer service industry through the development of software to meet the needs of the user)" and "gate (gateway)"
Through the development of new solutions to fit your needs, our organization serves as a gateway to these solutions.
Our logo consists of multiple boxes which symbolize windows or exits as a way to connect with customers.

The three primary colors of light red, green and blue are depicted as images that cross one another in turn, representing the company's commitment to finding new solutions to address the needs of its customers, to resolve problems in the most optimal way.

Main Colors

  • #0c439a
    PMS : 661 C
    CMYK : 100C 85M 5Y 1K
    RGB : 0R 53G 146B
    HEX : 0c439a
  • #1a2386
    PMS : 2746 C
    CMYK : 100C 97M 14Y 5K
    RGB : 26R 35G 134B
    HEX : 1a23864

Sub Colors

  • #efb7d2
    PMS : 217 C
    CMYK : 3C 34M 1Y 0K
    RGB : 239R 183G 210B
    HEX : efb7d2
  • #a2c5e5
    PMS : 43 C
    CMYK : 35C 13M 1Y 0K
    RGB : 162R 197G 229B
    HEX : a2c5e5
  • #84cabd
    PMS : 570 C
    CMYK : 48C 2M 30Y 0K
    RGB : 132R 202G 189B
    HEX : 84cabd