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Nov. Applied patent for Korean object name recognition device and method using deep learning (No. 10-2017-0165072)
Apr. Developed and applied for patent for 'AI speaker operation technology' that operates with 'voice recognition'. Patent application for AI-based schedule management system
Dec. Innovative SMB (INNOBIZ) certification
Automatic learning system for voice recognition, Patent for reliability judgment system, etc.
Apr. Selected as a research project for the development of interactive virtual consulting system for intelligent artificial intelligence service of SMBA
Mar. Recertification of venture company
Dec. Establishment of Corporate Affiliate Research Institute
Patent registration for Virtual Counseling System and Virtual Counseling Methodology
Oct. Virtual Agent (VA), unattended counseling, chatbot counseling, virtual agent trademark and patent application and registration
Mar. Contract and transfer of ETRI Speech Recognition Technology (Korean Speech Recognition Technology for Call Center Service)
Jan. Registered as a venture company with voice recognition and Virtual Agent (Venture 20150101449)
Feb. Registered as a member of Korea Artificial Intelligence Association
Apr. Patent application for data stagnation device and method of heterogeneous data-based prediction system. Applied patent for attribute-based welfare target prediction system and method
Nov. Business partner agreement with Woongjin Corporation
Office relocation (Mapo, Seoul Gasan Digital Industrial Complex, Seoul)
Oct. Capital increase (approximately 10.5 billion won)
Attract on investment contract from 'Seoul Investment Partners'(800 million won)
Capital increase (approximately 9.7 billion won)
Investment from Shinhan Capital (700 million won)
Jul. Multi-User Authentication System Patent Registration
May. Capital increase (approximately 9.1 billion won)
Investment from Korea Credit Guarantee Fund( KODIT) (1.3 billion won)
Apr. Selected as a First Penguin-Type Start-up company from KODIT (1.5 billion won)
Certified as an excellent company in Korean corporate data technology (T3 grade in voice-based virtual counseling system development)
Jan. Business partner agreement with 'Ain-top system co.'
Business partner agreement with 'Good Morning I-tech Co.'
Dec. Office relocation (Geumchon-gu, Seoul Mapo-gu, Seoul)
Sep. Certification of Excellent Company in Technology Evaluation of Interactive Virtual Counseling System
Mar. Patent registration for two cases related to artificial intelligence, including emotional information extraction devices and methods
Jul. Established Solugate Corporation